Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Sterilizer Should Be used In All Labs For Bacteria Free Equipments

Sterilization is a term that refers to any procedure, which removes all forms of bacteria present on the surface that are present in a fluid or medication or in a compound. It can be achieved by using the ideal combination of chemicals, high pressure, heat and filtration. A popular sterilizer available in the market is an autoclave. It is a device used for sterilizing equipments by putting them under high-pressure saturated steam for about 20 minutes. However, this will depend on the load and size of the contents.

The autoclaves are used in the fields of medicine, microbiology, dentistry, chiropody and mycology. They differ in function and size depending on the media that needs to be sterilized. Autoclaves are also used for curing composites and the rubber vulcanization. The high pressure and heat which autoclaves allow, ensure that the ideal physical properties are retained. Medica Instrument Mfg Co manufactures different types of autoclaves – vertical, fully automatic Autoclave and double wall.

You can get different kinds of sterilizers too. A medical autoclave uses steam for sterilizing equipments and other apparatus. Thus, viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi are inactivated in this process. These are used in different medical settings and laboratories. A lot of processes employ items which are reusable. Autoclaving is used for sterilizing medical waste before disposing in the waste stream. This process has become quite common these days because of the health and environmental concerns.

In general, medications and surgical instruments are also sterilized. Sterilization of medical instruments is extremely important. This process is used for reducing food borne diseases so that people do not fall sick very often. Medica specializes in the production of such equipments and would be able to fulfill your requirements.

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